Monday, April 4, 2011

Thank you to Lindsey Barrus, of the North Stake for ALL her hard work and dedication on behalf of our little ones who need a little extra help and care. We enjoyed her presentation and felt the spirit as she bore testimony of our role, and gave great advice. Here is a special training video she has made for her Stake, and was kind enough to allow us to have it also!!! Thanks Again Lindsey!

Special Needs Video Training

Plan of Salvation Visuals:

As you teach the “Plan of Salvation” or “Plan of Happiness” you can have the children put the visuals on the flannel board. As you reach certain points in the plan, you may have discussions. Another way to use it is as review. You can put the plan up quickly then add a picture of missionaries, scriptures, prophets or anything you are teaching. Then, have a discussion with your class about how missionary work (or whatever you lesson is on) fits into the “Plan of Salvation”.

Visual design by: LDS Chorister Ideas

"Hello Hello” Song Popsicle Sticks

Using Popsicle sticks to choose how you sing your “Hello Hello” greeting song can greatly “jazz” up the moment. Ask your visitor to choose a Popsicle stick from the jar. Each Popsicle stick has “Hello” written in a different language on it. The primary children get excited to sing this…especially Konnichiwa!!

(Idea found in "Singin' in the Rain", an LDS blog for primary Choristers.

Mailbox Note Cards

These blank note cards can be used in conjunction with your mailbox during sharing time. As a teacher/leader, you only see your children once a week. In order to build love and trust you can send your children letters. This can be a letter to encourage them with their great behavior you saw them exhibit, the answers they shared in class or if they were sad to cheer them up. You can choose one child each Sunday (I usually start with the ones struggling the most) to observe carefully. That evening, prayerfully write a short note. This only takes a small amount of time, but can greatly improve a child’s experience in primary and even their behavior will improve as they feel loved and appreciated. I know many mothers who will vouch for the strength of this idea, as they have seen their child’s eyes light up and talk about it for weeks!!

Make Your Primary "Pop"

It is always a challenge to call on all your primary children. Many children get left out, or are apprehensive to raise their hands. To help allieviate this problem, you can w

rite your children’s names on the sticks. Call on them as you conduct music, or during a primary lesson. It is also handy to have them in a variety of colors. If the lesson would work well with multi-level grouping, this feature can help you break them up into groups according to colors in a snap!

Another way to use these is to write various songs or questions on them and you have a portable review “game” on hand.

Road to the Temple

Place road on floor and put car at one end and a picture of the temple at the other end. Invite a child to come forward and roll die, then answer a question about the principle or lesson you are teaching. If answer is correct the car moves the number of spaces on the die. If answer is incorrect the car doesn't move. Be sure to "reach" the temple by the end of the game. This activity is popular and children will want a turn to play. Encourage reverence by choosing those children who are trying to be reverent or have been paying attention.

Bean Bag Toss

Toss a beanbag to a child to answer a question such as: "What can you do to follow Jesus' example?" that any child could answer. Avoid asking questions that have only one right answer as it might embarass a child if they do not know the answer. This activity encourages participation because children will be excited about getting to catch and throw something.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Primary President Message

Dear Primary Sisters,
As you know, our new presidency was just called at the December stake conference so hopefully you will be patient with us as we're figuring out what to do! We are so excited about the opportunity to get to know each of you as we visit your units in the coming months. Serving among the children of our stake is truly a blessing because of their sweet spirits and desire to learn the gospel. I know there are many challenges too, but the Lord blesses us to know how to overcome them in order to teach HIS little ones of HIM.

I am thrilled with this year's theme and hope that each of you are excited as well. I think instilling a testimony and love for the scriptures and the wonderful heroes in them to the children will be a blessing for them throughout their lives as they learn to turn to scriptures for help and direction. We look forward to hearing how you are implementing this year's theme in your own primaries so we can share ideas around the stake.

I, and my presidency, are eager to help you fulfill your callings in any way we can. Our purpose is to help, support, encourage, and serve YOU so please contact us anytime. We hope to keep a good communication going through e-mail and a blog but if you just want to call us that is great too!

We each wrote short introductions about ourselves so you would feel like you know a little about us and we're already friends - because that is what we hope to become. Best of luck in starting this new Primary year off with enthusiasm!

Thank you so much for all you do.

Sister Darla Maguet